Cloister Of Trials

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The Cloisters of Trials

The Cloister of Trials, a spiraling death maze on Spira, built into the temples of the Fayth to test the power of those who wish to Summon the Aeons of this Fayth. Here we will show you the exact locations of each Sphere, and how to even Obtain the Anima and the Magus Sisters.


Treasure: Rod of Wisdom

Take note, these types of trials consists of puzzles. They are easy but later, you’ll encounter more complex ones. First, you’ll see 2 glyphs here. Examine the one on the north. Then, examine the one on the right (which will open). Go down and examine another Glyph on the way. You’ll be told about how to use the Glyphs and Spheres. You’ll receive a Glyph Sphere. Always remember that you can only hold one Sphere at a time. Now, continue down and examine the recess on the door. Place the Sphere and it will open. Go through. In the next area, go west and you’ll see a pedestal at the end. First, examine the
symbols on the wall just opposite the pedestal. Get the Besaid Sphere. Put in on the pedestal. The path will open. Now, push the pedestal towards the glittering light. Wakka will come in. He will now tell you that he himself is one of the guardians. You’ll then move on to the Fayth (inner chamber of the
temple/cloister) where the apprentice summoner prays.

Note: To use the Destruction Sphere (which will reveal a treasure), put the Glyph sphere on the left recess. It will reveal the Destruction Sphere. Put the Destruction Sphere at the recess inside the small room (with lights that form lines inside) and the path to the treasure chest will appear.

Treasures: Red Armlet

First, get the Kilika Sphere and place it on the recess on the door. It will burn. Remove it again and place it either to the left or the right wall recess. Go through the door. This is the second room. All you have to do is to touch the Glyph to the far north. A door will open leading to the 3rd room. Here, get the Kilika Sphere on the right then step on the Glittering Panel. A Pedestal will appear. Put the Kilika Sphere on the Pedestal and push it onto the glittering panel. Next, get the Glyph Sphere and put it on the
east recess (near fire) and the fire will be put out. Get the Kilika Sphere below and put it on the door first. Now, go back to the door that was opened using the Glyph Sphere. Get the Destruction Sphere inside. Place it on the recess at the bottom and the wall will crush. Now, remember that the
Destruction Sphere opens up secret treasures in Cloisters just as what you’ve learned earlier. Get the Red Armlet here. Finally, remove the Kilika Sphere from the burning door and place it elsewhere. Go through the door. You’ll see more scenes. When you regain control of Tidus, talk to Wakka and you’ll learn
more about the Fayth and Aeons. When you regain control, try to leave the chamber. Yuna will finally come out. After that leave the temple. You’ll see a couple of scenes and a flashback outside. When you regain control of Tidus again, go all the way back to the ship.

Treasures: Magic Sphere

First, put the 2 Djose Spheres on the door to open it. Go to the 2nd room. Here, you’ll see a pedestal and a symbol in the middle, 2 spheres beside the door, glittering panel/glyph to the left, and 2 recesses to the right. First, get the 2 Djose Spheres beside the door and put them one by one on each of the recesses on the right. Push the pedestal (w/ a Djose Sphere) to the right
until it becomes a brighter Djose Sphere. Now, take the new Djose Sphere and put it on the recess to the right of the north door. It will open. Then, put the 2 Djose Spheres (at the right recesses) both on the pedestal. Then, push it forward until it drops on the electric currents. The pedestal will stay
afloat. Jump on it and push the pedestal to the north, which will activate a part of the symbol. After that, go back to the symbol and go left. Step on the glittering panel. The pedestal will now be back at the center. Now, get the New Djose Sphere and put it on the recess to the left of the door. Next, get the 2 Djose Spheres on the pedestal and put them on the recesses back in
the first room. The symbol will be complete and you can see a platform in the center. Step on it to move on. If you have the destruction sphere, take it up and put it in the lone pedestal to the south. It will reveal an opening to the treasure, which is a Magic Sphere. At the next area, just push the 5 pedestals. Go up and talk to Lulu. Then, Dona will appear. You’ll see a scene with Barthello and Auron. After that, when you regain control, talk to everyone and try to leave. Yuna will come out of the chamber. You’ll then be asked to name the 3rd aeon, Ixion.


Here, go down. You’ll see 2 Icebergs, 2 Macalania Spheres, and a Glyph Sphere. First, push the pedestal to the right and then up. This will break the 2 icebergs. Now, get the glyph sphere and go down to the floor below. Put the Glyph Sphere on the leftmost recess. A new Macalania Sphere will appear on the floor above. Go up and get that sphere. Put it on the pedestal below
and push it to the right. You’ll see a part of the bridge appear. Next, go up and get the rightmost Macalania Sphere. Put it on the pillar on the bottom floor. You’ll see the second part of the bridge appear. Now, go up and get the remaining Macalania sphere on the floor and put it in the pillar where you got the Glyph sphere a while ago. You can now cross the ice bridge. Note that if you step on the glittering floor panel on top you’ll be able to get a
Destruction sphere. Putting it on the left recess on the bottom floor will reveal a treasure chest a bit south.

Treasures: HP Sphere and notthe Knight Lance

Inside, you’ll see lots and lots of machina. Wakka will be the most
frustrated. Now, go inside the trails. Here, you’ll have to push the pedestal in order to activate the moving platform. First press the X key when you reach a direction panel. Press at the direction here. You’ll automatically go left. Now, on the next intersection, go left and get the Bevelle Sphere and put it on the pedestal. You’ll have to place it on the opposite side (by turning right at the intersection). This will enable a new direction on the first intersection (where you automatically went left). Now, go to this
intersection and you may now head north towards the next floor below. In this next intersection, go south first towards another floor below (3rd basement). Get the Bevelle Sphere here. Now, go back to the 2nd floor basement. You’ll see 3 more intersections within. Go to the 3rd intersection and put 1 Bevelle
Sphere on the recess. It will create a makeshift bridge. Now, go back to the 2nd intersection and get the Glyph Sphere. Put it at the end of the makeshift bridge at the 3rd intersection. A Destruction Sphere will appear. Get it and put it on the recess at the 2nd intersection. Now, use the 1st intersection in this floor. It will lead you to the floor above.

On top, go up the stairs and get the HP Sphere. Go east from here to reach the Chamber of the Fayth where you’ll see Yuna praying to the fayth. Outside, Kinoc will be waiting for the party. You’ll then be captured for a trial. Name Bahamut afterwards. You’ll then be asked to save your game.

Treasure : Magistral Rod

Here, you’ll see the final cloister of trials. These trials will test your memory. On the first screen, you’ll see some shapes on the wall screen. It’s just like the Tetris blocks. Now, there will be glittering panels on the ground that correspond to a particular shape. You’ll need to step on those that are needed to complete the shapes on the monitor. After that, 6 pedestals will appear. 2 of them cannot be moved yet. Now, move any 1 of the 4 that can be moved. Go north and continue to the next room. You’ll see
another wall screen, 2 spheres (let’s talk about this later), and a new set of glittering floor panels. Now, examine the screen and the shapes will be shown among the glittering panels. You’ll have to step on them in order to complete the puzzle. If you made a mistake, you’ll have to repeat again. You may view the wall screen if you can’t memorize the positions yet. After that,
do this to the other 5 pedestals. The last 2 pedestals needs the 2 Spheres. Take note that use these 2 after completing the first 4 pedestals. After that, save your game and examine the new platform in the center. A battle will commence.

...and have to go back here again later for the last puzzle, which is the square puzzle...examine the screen in the first room. you need to activate 3 squares in the first room and 4 in the second room. then in the first room, a destruction sphere will appear, get it and bring it to the monitor in the second room and place it in the recess next to the monitor and a treasure will be revealled.